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...why you should use PDK PP multifilament.

Extremely high tensile strength of 8 grams per denier.

You can achieve 80% higher strength than traditional spun yarn and up to 200% higher strength than normal tenacity PP yarn in the market.

Thread Denier Strength
20/6 Spun Polyester 1667 ~6.5 kgs
PDK PP multifilament 1667 >11.7 kgs

You can use a finer denier of PDK Filament and still get the same strength as the corse denier of traditional thread giving lower costs per meter of yarn. The yarn can also be manufactured up to 14 kgs per bobbin (standard size is 7.5 kgs per bobbin) resulting in fewer bobbin changes and higher sewing efficiency. E.g. using a traditional spun polyester thread with 1 kg. cone will need 13.47 times more bobbin change than PDK PP multifilament with 7.5 kgs bobbin.
Thread Denier Length
20/6 Spun Polyester 1667 5400 m

PDK PP multifilament
9700 m
>6.5 kgs

PP multifilament is the lightest fiber in the world. It can even float on water. It is the fiber that provides the most surface coverage among other yarns. For example, it gives 152% more coverage than polyester yarn which means if you need 100 kgs of PP multifilament to make 200 meters of fabric, you will need 152 kgs of polyester yarn to make the same fabric.

Acid resistant, alkaline resistant, mildew resistant, insect resistant, provides the same strength either wet or dry, UV resistant (when requested), etc. Doped dyed. The color masterbatch is extruded together with the PP resin during the yarn extrusion process, this makes the color an integral part of the filaments providing exceptionally high color fastness. Very low moisture absorption, stain resistant, anti-static characteristics that make it hard for dust and stains to contaminate the products.
Easy to re-cycle, NO toxic byproducts during production OR disposal through burning! Non allergic to human skin - very safe for handling. Lower costs per meter of sewing thread, reduced re-cycling costs, fewer spindle changes.

:: PDK :: the home of the toughest polypropelyne, nylon and polyester fibers
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