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Mr. Chai Tech
Founder & CEO

Established in 1960, Praditkorn (P.D.K.) has been in the sewing thread business for over 40 years. Our first production facility was established in 1977 under the new name of P.D.K. Textile Factory Limited Partnership.

We have focused on providing quality products and reliable service to our customers ever since. This has been proven to be so successful that we have been trusted by most PP woven bag and Jumbo bag manufacturers in Thailand as their reliable supplier for quality sewing thread.

Our factory has expanded continuously and we have added more product lines and we have become the established specialists in technical and industrial thread.

With our decades of experience in industrial thread, we have become a leader in the production of high tenacity polypropylene multifilament thread for PP bag stitching and other extremely demanding requirements.

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:: PDK :: the home of the toughest polypropelyne, nylon and polyester fibers
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