Thread for Jumbo/Bulk bag

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Strength is an important quality of a Jumbo Bag. That’s why each raw material used is carefully selected and tested to make sure that every jumbo bag will be made up to its specification. That is why successful Jumbo Bag manufacturer (like you) will order only from a qualified supplier.

PDK filament is trusted by the majority of Jumbo Bag and woven bag manufacturers in Thailand as the most reliable yarn for sewing, and webbing  Jumbo Bag belts.

The yarn’s tenacity of 7-8 grams/denier gives you supreme confidence in the strength of your products. You can order PDK filament in various denier from 500 to 5000 denier. You can also order intermingled yarn or twisted yarn such as 1200/1 Z 60 TPM, 5000/1 Z 60 TPM or cabled yarn such as 1000/3 SZ to suit your products.